These are a few of my favorite *Whole30* things

These are a few of my favorite *Whole30* things

One of the biggest barriers for many people with healthy eating is the perceived inconvenience factor. Hitting up the drive through or throwing a frozen meal in the oven may seem like the tempting choice, but putting together a healthy meal is becoming easier than ever. The food industry has been responding to consumer’s desires to have healthier options, and I am so excited to see an array of Whole30 compliant products and services on the market. Over the past few years I have tried them all, and I’ve put together a list of my favorites that get my nutrition professional “stamp of approval.” Before we dive in, I’d like to note that completing a Whole30 and/or living in Food Freedom does NOT mean you need to spend lots of money or time running around town to specialty food stores. But it is nice to know what’s out there and what may be worth it for you. And since I’m always trying to make things easy and fiscally responsible, I’ve linked some of the websites you can order directly from along with any discount codes I can find — just click on the product name. Let me know if you try any!


  • Thrive Market: Thrive Market is an online store that sells specialty Whole30 items (and much more!) at a discounted price. I find it’s extremely handy to order these foods online instead of running to multiple specialty grocery stores.  Bonus: click this link to get an extra 25% off your first order and a free 30 day trial!


  • Vital Proteins: I start each day with a scoop of collagen in my coffee, and I feel it’s a great way to get some extra proteins that I know will support my gut health, joints, and skin/hair/nails.


  • Nutpods: For those of us who just cannot enjoy our coffee black, nutpods is a lifesaver! It can also be used to make creamy sauces. You can find it on, Amazon, or in some grocery stores (I’ve seen it at my local Fresh Thyme). Bonus: The website has free shipping on all orders, and you can get extra discounts if you sign up for their email list.


  • Primal Kitchens Dressings & Mayo: One of the best tips I can give for successfully completing a Whole30 is to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Sometimes a salad with some chicken and a delicious salad dressing is all you need. Or mix some spicy chipotle mayo with a can of tuna, and boom, you’re done! Primal Kitchens has helped me through some simple meals. Bonus: Use code “nutritionwithkelly” for an extra 10% off your order! My favorite is the Whole30 starter pack, so you can try a little of everything!


  • Chomps: These are one of my favorite proteins for before or after a workout. I always have a few in my purse and at work for an emergency snack. The portion size is perfect, and I can taste the quality of the grass-fed beef in each bite. Bonus: Chomps offers free shipping on all orders!


  • RxBars: I have never had an RxBar that I didn’t love. I feel so much better eating a protein-filled RxBar compared to a sugar-filled granola bar. If you are in the midst of a Whole30, make sure to stay away from the flavors with peanuts. And always make sure you eat RxBars with the intention to fuel your body, not to replace your candy bar habit. Can be found online and at most grocery stores. Bonus: Target often has additional deals on their cartwheel app; Fresh Thyme occasionally has them BOGO free.


  • LaraBars: Another great option to keep on hand during your Whole30. Same goes with the RxBars; stay away from the peanut flavors, and try not to use them as a replacement to dessert or candy bars! I often see LaraBars on sale at my local Pick-N-Save and Target. Bonus: Target often has additional deals on their cartwheel app. 


  • LaCroix: I like keeping a few different flavors of LaCroix on hand for a fun bubbly way to hydrate. As you start eating less sugar, your taste buds will really appreciate the fruity flavors! My favorites are grapefruit, mango, and coconut. Found in most grocery stores. Pro tip: Place in a wine glass with some sliced fruit for a “treat yourself” experience.


  • Pederson’s Natural Farms and Applegate Farms: Who would have known that most meat products have added sugar and additives?! Well, not Pederson’s Natural Farms and Applegate Farms. Check out these two companies for their numerous Whole30 compliant products. Both can be found online or at Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Target, Pick-N-Save. Bonus: Sign up for their emails for recipes, coupons, and discounts.


  • DNX Bars: Six different Whole30 approved products all packed with delicious flavors. Another great option to keep on hand as an emergency snack, or to pack before or after workouts. Bonus: Use code “whole30” for an extra 30% off your order!


  • Real Plans: This is a customizable meal planning service that can be so helpful for those who love a plan but don’t like to spend time planning! I’ve found it helpful for clients who like to tailor recipes to their and/or their family’s needs and preferences. Bonus: Real Plans offers a free 10-day meal planning challenge with tips to help you meal prep with ease! Check it out here.


  • Trader Joe’s: While you can’t order online, there are a few items from Trader Joe’s I’ll make a point to stock up on: coconut aminos, unsweetened sunflower seed butter, chicken chili lime frozen burgers, and coconut milk. Their prices are fantastic and the quality and ingredients are perfect.



Disclaimer: This post may contain some (but not all) affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something from one of my links, I may receive a small percentage at no additional cost to you. Everything listed is something I have tried myself and stand behind as a nutrition professional. Thank you for helping me help you!