“After two failed attempts at Whole30, I reached out to Kelly for some help. The experiences were night and day. Kelly guided me through everything, from grocery shopping and recipe sharing to weekly check-ins and motivation. Needless to say, I enjoyed the entire process, and easily made it through the 30 days. The tips I learned from Kelly have carried over in my everyday life. I continue to include a majority of the recipes into my family’s meals and everyone loves them. I feel more energized, satiated, and healthy than I ever have. Thanks Kelly!”



“I first heard about the Whole30 through Kelly. While I was initially curious to go through the process, I was hesitant to begin. I was not sure where to start, if I would enjoy the meals, and if it would disrupt my half marathon training. With Kelly’s encouragement, I decided to take the plunge and begin the Whole30. Throughout the 30 days, Kelly supported me by providing me with easy-to-make and delicious recipe ideas, and made sure I was getting the right nutrients to keep up with my training regimen. She also took the time to listen to any questions I had regarding the Whole30 program and was very responsive if I ever needed some last minute help while grocery shopping! I highly recommend trying the Whole30 program to anyone of interest. It is not an easy process but I felt more energetic, slept better, and lost weight…but most importantly the program helped me develop better eating habits that I continue to this day. I could not have completed the process without Kelly and highly recommend working with her. Her passion for healthy living and the Whole30 program is undeniable!

-T. V.


“Kelly is a life and time saving superstar. As a physician, I have a reasonable background and strong desire to be healthy. However, my husband and my work schedules, frequently make it difficult to also make the healthiest and most cost-effective choices when it comes to eating meals. Over the past several years, we have found it pretty easy to justify eating out and eating poorly way more often than we’d like to admit. Kelly was literally the answer to our subconscious prayers. Since we didn’t have the personal time to devote to figuring out and choose a plan on our own, we decided as a couple to have Kelly guide us through the Whole30 program. Best. Decision. Ever. Our favorite part of her services was the Meal Prep Guide. She not only put together a list of some of her personal favorite Whole30 compliant meals for us, but also distilled them into incredibly organized grocery lists for us (split into categories for efficient shopping: produce, meats, dairy, spices, etc). She literally took all the work and hassle out of being healthy! All we had to do was pick up groceries and follow instructions. The outcome: absolutely delicious, hearty and healthy, homecooked meals without the hassle of planning and debating how to make it happen. Some of the coolest and most unexpected surprises for us were that 1. every single meal was actually  DELICIOUS 2. neither of us ever left a meal hungry 3. although i initiated us doing Whole30, my husband turned into the biggest fan of all 4. it saved us TONS of money, since we were cooking our own meals and not making impulse purchases 5. it was much easier than expected to stick to the rules, through Kelly’s constant support, encouragement, tips and her created Facebook support group, with other young-adult working individuals also doing the program through Kelly at the same time and 6. we were amazed how fresh, clean, satisfied, energized, motivated, and just happy the month of Whole30 made us. Regarding Whole30 specifically, I found that it made my daily and weekly life so much simpler and guilt free. I never fully comprehended how much time and energy I waste on a daily basis debating what I should eat and subsequently feeling guilty about what I put in my mouth. This was the first month of my entire life that I never once felt guilty. And it was indescribably freeing. Everything was pre-decided, prepped and ready, no thought or debate necesssary. When walking through my hospital Grab-n-Go, i knew what my handful of options were that were compliant, therefore didn’t even give myself the opportunity to debate about the unhealthy crap that I’d normally be tempted by. Overall, my husband and I had an amazing experience completing the Whole30 month with 100% of the credit going to Kelly for educating and motivating us along the way, and making is so incredibly simple. As far as Kelly’s amazing personal attributes that make her an exceptional coach and worthy of recommendation to all friends/families/strangers: she is the perfect mix of being nice, non-judgemental, caring, motivational, educational, responsive and creative. She was so willing to truly listen to personal challenges and hurdles and come up with personalized recommendations. It is so clear to see that she not only believes in the life-changing benefits of Whole30, but has a passion for making a positive impact in her clients’ lives. We would enthusiastically repeat our time doing Whole30 with Kelly and would recommend her to everyone. Thank you so very much, Kelly. Life after Whole30 with you is forever changed, and we are both so grateful as well as excited about it.”

-C. W.


“I first heard about Whole30 from work colleagues and friends that were giving it a try. I always thought it sounded like something I would like to try but it wasn’t until talking to Kelly more about it and fully understanding the purpose behind the rules and process that I decided and was excited to go for it.  The meal plan that Kelly set up was very easy to follow and I truly loved the recipes. The variety of different foods and just learning how to cook things in a slightly different way than I have done before was fun and I learned a lot through the process.  There were so many benefits and the end of the 30 days but my body just felt better and definitely had more energy. The meal plan made it so easy for planning for the week and that’s something I have appreciated keeping up after the 30 days. I highly recommend working with Kelly and her guide for Whole30!”



“Kelly played a crucial role in coaching us through the Whole30 process. Even though I am a stranger, I would read her posts, see the pictures she would post and it would keep me motivated to continue with the program. I think it really helped not doing it alone even though the people I was mostly doing it with were strangers. Thank you for your guidance through the whole month. It was a rewarding experience and I’m probably going to try it out once a year to reset my habits.”

-S. Q.


“Eating healthy and receiving proper nutrition is very important to me, but dedicating time and effort to making sure I do so is not something I find easily affordable, as running a business occupies enough of it.  Kelly took all of the planning and effort out of it.  Our month of Whole30 was extraordinarily effective. Not only did I lose two notches in my belt, but I was educated in the topic and fully experienced the amazing effects of eating clean. At the very start, the principles were clearly and concisely taught. Having recipes and grocery lists prearranged saved one of the most precious commodities to me: time.

It’s tough to put into words just how effective Whole30 with Kelly was.  In a world loaded with diets, know-it-alls, and “lose-weight-now” gimmicks, Whole30 with Kelly provided, what I will call “the answer”.  All it took was 30 days of following Kelly’s plan to learn and truly experience what “healthy” feels like.  For the rest of my life, if I find myself on a wayward nutritional path, I now know “the answer”, or the exact method of how to live healthily once again. Nothing but gratitude and appreciation for Kelly and Whole30. I know the phrase gets tossed around arbitrarily, but with every essence of the word, this was life changing.”

-B. W.


“After a month of perfectly suggested meals and guidance from Kelly Becker, I honestly have never felt better.  Kelly makes it extremely easy to plan, shop, & prepare meals that will help both your body and your mind.

Following a strict diet for 30 days was never something that I would have imagined doing. After looking through the meal guide that Kelly put together and seeing the amazing meals that were planned for the next week, I was sold.  Following the plan that Kelly created was extremely easy and exciting. The recipes were easy to follow and incredibly delicious. Kelly’s helpful guidance and encouragement made sticking to the meal plan far easier than I would have ever imagined. I can’t thank her enough for proving me with a month of health that has changed the way I view food forever.”